Sunday, August 20, 2017

he's looking out the window
occasionally laughing and smiling
at the endlessness of it and the beauty
while i'd be wondering why
it had to rain today of all days

he has deathlessness in his eyes
in his smile in his hands in his face
in his walk in his clothes in his cup
in his shoes in these memories
i hear crickets tonight


for Tesdrup Tharchin

Saturday, August 19, 2017

i have a million stars

i have a million stars
in my mind as i walk a country road
i'm treading over fields of forever
vineyard noisemakers like cannons
boom boom boom

how can stars
and beings made from star dust
not ever think of one another
and birds flying up some
to other solar systems
if you said



on what might be possible / or what we feel is impossible

on what might be possible
or what we feel is impossible
what we feel is closed or open
or a relationship lost or found
we know nothing

knowing we know so little
of this be encouraged
expect good news
embrace everything
keep your heart open
and life will knock the rust
off mental hinges

and doors
will be blown open and you
can embrace a bigger heart
a wild bright love
will come your way
and you will catch your breath
and be alive and not transform
into a quiet ball of lead

there's no order
to the shakeup of an old life
staid dread certainty

old abuse falls and
because we are love
love finds us


Monday, August 07, 2017

grand illusion

it rains
i play the accordion
i walk the unpaved road
people stop on their way to the lake
they roll down their windows
they smile and ask me to play happy birthday

i play
i'm playing my dreams
playing into the past into the future
i'm not here in the body or this instrument
there's no afternoon or road or gently falling rain
no happy birthday tune no people enjoying the song

we're all
discovering over
and over again a grand illusion
one that is as amazing as it is heartbreaking
loving it is like an afternoon with gently falling rain
on a road with mysterious persons meeting and parting


Eagle Lake
Late Summer 2017

Sunday, August 06, 2017

i don't understand / but i know it is fine

                       -- August 6

i don't understand
but i know it is fine

my whole life
has been this way

when i was little
i could not make it wrong

with thinking
excusing or whatever

i have to keep
remembering how simple

how totally
wonderful everything is

because every time
you see something again

it is a new object
and you have different eyes

this means
you and i are loved

this means
you and i are free

we have
always been so always will


for Tesdrup Tharchin
... everything you taught me

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

it was the same thing
but i could not remember what it was

as unforgettable as a peacock's plumes
or the funniest joke you've ever heard

i resorted to turning into an ocean
dotted with islands

the moon rose and i closed
my dream eyes

i never knew either of you
i remember a toddler who played with ducks
now a grown teenager
a bit older than my daughter

you mug with a pipe she smiles
the kid between the two of you
and he looks happy and
both of you look happy too

judgement of others the invisible guillotine
a phantom firing squad
a cruel decider
you say you do not know

no worried mind
all things on time
keeping one's intention
sharp awake and fair

bright and light
quick is the view
opposite to dark

Friday, July 28, 2017

bright was she made / look how she goes

bright was she made
look how she goes
work to stage to life

tilt of the head
sweep of the bow
fingers fly over frets

seeing her move
in her particular way
calmly finely and unafraid


Thursday, July 27, 2017

camptown races five miles long

no feeling ever stays
no idea persists for all time
no street home or yard

triumphant jobs
awards and trophies
symbols of superiority

bright here and gone
like the sweep of a searchlight
lit shapes come and go

all spurred on with a
magnificent urgency

one like a thunderclap
a glittering fountain

attention shifts
the beam is elsewhere

all merging back into one
one is empty like the sun
unbearably bright with no ego


45th avenue and park st.

with some kind of longing
i watched the fingernail
of a moon

what the yearning
measured or means
i do not know

my mind
revealed the feeling
then closed a door

this happens
to all of us
more than you can count

i overwhelmed
this random melancholy
with a thought of you

sharing the same dusk
seeing this thin moon
rising up

beguiled now by
the silhouette of trees
and eves

the random flight
of birds going home
for the night

a simple happiness
beguiled now
with a thought of you