Thursday, June 27, 2013

Poem - making food for me and you

i dream about dinner
i dream about breakfast
sitting here awake
at 9.50 PM

i dream about not making a mess
making food for me and you
someone i do not know
when i should go to sleep

pots and pans grow huge
taller than the empire state building
and recipes fly over them
like birds

food is under my feet
condiments and food under my chair
as i dream of cooking for you

and i should go to bed
to really sleep and dream

then it all will make sense

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Poem - being free of all expectations/ like a water droplet falling/ out of the sky

being free of all expectations
like a water droplet falling
out of the sky

past thoughts like crows
who dodge it because
they don't get wet


Quail Meadow
June 2013

Poem - Voices

in the middle of the night
dream voices speak crystal clear

but when waking they are not remembered
just the sound of the voices remain

lingering too the feeling of their certainty
and cheerful wisdom