Friday, May 30, 2014

Poem - i have no idea / how i dream

i had a dream 
that it was raining
and the spirit house
which had a statue of dudjom
was in the woods in front of me

a long time ago i stood in woods
in front of a statue of dudjom
a house with magic eyes
of yarn and sticks
a plaything 

my dreams are
echoes of what has gone
before yet i did not comprehend

some say i dream to correct error
others say to learn from all
every single thing

like a wave 
my dreams will subside

or like a tide they could

i have no idea

how i dream


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Writing - You Won't Be Flying With That One

I thought it said "A Suede Lawnmower, Pulled by Crows".

How do you get crows to do that? They could grip the suede, I suppose. Big crows, too -- probably a hundred. That damn lawnmower could FLY. It would be a FLYING CROW PROPELLED SUEDE LAWNMOWER.

Then I see it is "A Selfmade Lawnmower, Pulled by Cows".

Which is good, too. But you won't be flying with that one.


May 2099

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Poem - it looks like i am dog paddling

when i grapple within the nothing to grapple
it looks like i am dog paddling
to god

even if god does not exist something beyond me
does note how i dog paddle
in the air

this thing i choose to sense is in my breath
in breadth width and height
sacred geometry

they built churches around it or hells
to encircle what cannot be

it does the hokey-pokey jumping inside
and outside every thought or
feeling i have


May 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Poem - when they said

they said when
someone who you put
in a position of trust
hurts you greatly

they should be
treasured like a guru

and i wanted to
cry and hate you more

but i didn't cry and
my eyes were dry and hot

later i meditated and
reflected on my endless
hypocrisy and how i am
stupid and useless

then i go back
to valuing you and others

who have insulted
and demeaned me

as the highest of
all & see what happens


To Chenrezig

Poem - this we dream

the only time
there is time
is when we are asleep

this we dream


may 2014

Short Story: The End of Something

She leaves him with a burning hatred of hookers, strippers, pornography, and lying.

The End


Thanks to E Hemingway

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Only Time

She turns to me as a sun sets behind her, through long venetian blinds.

"The only time it looks ugly, is when I cough." she says, a bit upset.

"Why do they call them venitian blinds?" I ask her.

She ignores me, sitting on the edge of the bed, and looks pensively into space.

I take a look around the room -- it is decorated from the 1950s.

Who is she, and how are we related?

How did I get here?

I don't know.



Let's Get Honest

They said "Let's get honest." Then, later, they said "Nevermind."

Everyone felt much better.


2014 5

I Have a Piano on My Ferris Wheel

I have a piano on my ferris wheel. When the piano is at the bottom, the wheel turns slowly. When the piano passes the top, the ferris wheel turns a bit quicker, as it descends.

Music can be heard, lyrically floating through the air -- it is a a bit faster when the wheel comes down.

People come and stare, and then ride.

A few stay, and play.


Bolsa Chica
HB 2014.5

A Bird Flies into the Room

A bird flies in the room, because I have no screens on the windows. The bird has a small pipe and a scarf.

"I like your scarf." I say

"Thank you" says the bird, and it twirls the pipe in its beak. "Do you have a light?"


Bolsa Chica
Huntington Beach 5.14

The New Era was a Sham

The new era was a sham, but the old era was just hyped up on guns and meth. Art was out and so was writing. If you couldn't see it or watch it, then it wasn't worth remembering.  But it was fun too. We wandered the burnt out huts of this land, and we gathered the shoelaces and MREs, and our violent forefathers had been eradicated by their own envy.


Cherry blossoms fell and the water took the blossoms and they floated on the pool like tiny boats.


I found an old book about the story of an Italian Knight who spontaneously combusted after drinking strong wine in the 15th century. I don't know what strong wine is. It sounds like medicine. That would be bad medicine.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Poem - impossible life / filling me with such joys

impossible life
filling me with such joys
visions i became
and built up i fell
and in falling i was built up
like a see saw
and what i saw i see
the ghost refelections
my heart still beating
like a drummer
of a traveling band
that never quit
and never found home
impossible life
becoming possible in
this surrender
this shedding
of predudice
towards reality
but damn such
tears and moonbeans


for Latif

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Peom - when he died he left a slip of paper/ and it said

when he died he left a slip of paper
and it said

if you're reading this and i'm gone
gone from the room

don't say i'm in a better place because
every day here was a heaven

and each time was new and pure
ending and restarting

besides i am not gone
i'm everywhere now

past present
and future


you can have all my stuff



Friday, May 02, 2014

Poem - Since Newton

More poetry from my smart-phone

Since Newton
I've sincerely believed

Every apple has
a great invention in it

And every idea
is edible too

-- Alcatel Phone