Tuesday, October 25, 2016

any task you took
was a success
failure or not

in being lost
you were staking
a claim on found

not knowing
having insight

giving up
meant you'd be

it isn't because
you are valiant
faithful or a fool

it isn't you in
denial or a zealot
or just a tool

an inner royal
nature i suppose

can be happy
in any clothes


and think

all those
funny things
that are not

the things
that were sad
but not sad

all the good
that was not

and bad
that wasn't bad

bear along

cross fields

around the
corner or bend

on and on

is whatever
you need


Sunday, October 23, 2016

smoldering fall
they burn leaves

more trees
go blood red
or wild gold

the wind
will come

in one blow
knock 10000
leaves down

kids dive
play in them

dads rake
mow the lawn

burning fall
for some

small gate

winter is a cure

a plot a grave
bright white

like the house

where you
would be


Bass Lake

i can't remember anything
other than what i habitually think

i mention myself to myself

sometimes as if meeting for the first time
after some kind of hilarious accident

far from home in a foreign land


in the child's drawing of a reindeer
the animal has a round face like a full moon

antlers arise on the edge of head
like trees
or sacred thoughts

it raises a hand
in benediction

and says 'hi'


Love is letting go. Love is not being anywhere. Love is holding on. Love is being here now.

Death is dying today. Death is is living forever. Death is dying tomorrow. Death is never dying.

The trees have lost all their leaves. The trees bring verdant leaves. Trees and leaves are one. Magnificent spare trees, sky.


 Bass Lake