Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A very short story

 I do not want this to be my last sentence, but it is.


Sunday, January 01, 2023

in the/ irish hills

in the
irish hills it rained
we gathered your great grandmother's
rocking chair
small raindrops fell
even a bit on the wood  
or like on us
when you placed flowers on graves
beneath a leafless tree
by the big cross 
with nothing to anchor us
the mind begins to look everywhere
at everything 
because we are strange
yet also family here
as your grief flowed 

we drove home
saw a few flecks of 
snow by those pillars
of rock like giants 
or the people we loved
and memory grasped them
in the forests all around them

then when the grey seemed eternal
the sky lifted and showed
blue purple and yellow
then gold 


for deborah

the ice stayed

the ice stayed
and a small pine bough fell
scattering green and yellow needles

countless small animal tracks
crossing there with a fox following
stalking them

seen last evening late
out the back window a sleek
dusky red animal with a tail tipped with frost 

seven inches of snow

projected to fall 


Monday, December 26, 2022

on this day of threats and promise

on this day of threats and promise
how big is your mind? 
whatever the answer
it contains everything 
in emptiness 

look at the sky 
see how it mingles
sustains or blows
with everything 
but not touching 

we work play or worry
in plain view of the mother
or father who sustained us
with the sacred or profane

unseparated purity 
always a feast 
no matter what


Friday, December 23, 2022

this day frozen bright and white

this day frozen bright and white
the snow in shadows a hint of blue
as if i had never seen this before
the whole world ready for us

not everyone is nice/ nor helpful or kind

not everyone is nice
nor helpful or kind

but everyone deserves 
to be treated with kindness

we live in a hell 
of self sacrifice otherwise

and our supposed virtue
in this like chains


Friday, December 09, 2022

flexibility to share

flexibility to share

and feel accurately

cooperate with cross people

technically minded

and slyly knowable

bringing out the best

from bad situations

with a pinch of excitement

and everlasting love


you were raised

you were raised

with a marvelous mind

keep looking

fall in love 

with everything


i want to see everything

 i want to see everything
in myself like i see in that
beautiful moon framed by a blue
deep dark night inescapable beauty


Sunday, December 04, 2022

there is the sky endless

there is the sky endless
then there is the writer

what separates them
is lack of feeling in the person

though no separation 
ever occurs

and the sky is this
with no thinking

gradually gathering the 
wanderer below

through display deeper
than any discursive dream

season after season
in concert with the earth


i saw the line of black trees

i saw the line of black trees
behind them a hill of snow rising up
the bottom was in shadow 
but still brilliant 

all around being built and soon
this peaceful glade will be no more
its simplicity 

yet carried on in my memory

i drove along the mighty parkway
passing all the homes 
their yards with a soft blanket of snow
and many tracks from play and pets
shadows on the sides of them all

but still brilliant 

everything is in motion going
everything is moving and will
not stop

i look inside to the horizon
to an infinite line 
seemingly unattainable 
but then suddenly crossed
almost like going through a shadow
ever infinitely brilliant

where all beauty goes
is gathered up
and sent back

carried on in memories
we all walk the trail of recollection 
if i remember this
i can be kind and go on
eventually go nowhere
and be there still brilliant

so empty i am full
just like the sunlight on the hill
or the shadows at the base 
every house being built
trees growing minds moving

that eventually stop
with no regret and no ending
just plain clarity that doesn't mind


Tuesday, November 01, 2022


excited vampires
confused ghosts
dancing bats
parents behind them

i hand them candy
some want two 
if they are nice
i'll give them three

there's a half moon
under the deep shadows
of the porch lights
leaves everywhere

off they go
with flashlights dancing
in the dark and later
guilty teenagers knock

reminding me
the last time i trick or
treated about 14 
with a big pillowcase

i give them the leftover
candy and say have fun
they laugh and run
to the next house