Thursday, April 03, 2014

Yahoo, Facebook -- You're Nasty and Gross (and Racist!)

It is getting more difficult to live a non-disgusting life online. I guess proposing to the living of any kind of "life" online, I'm primed for the punishment I deserve. But I'm tired of the ambushing, antagonistic themes from the advertising leading portals like Yahoo and Facebook approve.

It might even be inevitable, being outright repulsive was the way things would go for the advertisements clogging the navigation sidebars. If you're going to get something less than a penny per click, you're going to need to do something provocative to make $$$ from millions of eyeballs.

But it would be nice at least to have an experience online that is free of multiple ads that promise to increase my penis length, or to have an affair.

Or have a online life that isn't sprinkled with super-disgusting close up pictures of fruit and nuts that will enhance my libido.

Or have ads that display in a pulsing visual way, gaping seniors with no teeth, dancing trailer-park trash, or people looking suicidal with charts in the background. It starts to feel like I'm participating in a sinister psychological evaluation.

I'm also not interested in keeping up with the news, and this is a double (even triple) challenge -- because advertisers hoping to sell shit online like to combine gross images, with the news, and then twist it with some kind of latent sexual innuendo.

Yahoo, Facebook -- you're nasty. You're gross.

(..and Racist! Yeah! I know the president of the United States is Black and so is the first lady. Thanks for the tea-party hit ads / conspiracy garbage too.)


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