Thursday, July 17, 2014

Poem - The Patient 3


a quantum dislocation
is going to occur
he tells me as he looks
out the window

we don't know why
but this universe at some point
splits into two branches

one branch discovers 
that the shift
has occurred the other
has no idea it happened

it may have happened
by now he says it is hard to tell

we may be in the one that knows
it happened we shall see

persons found that neighbors
and people they hated
for many years 
were in fact themselves
due to accidental
time travel from one universe
to the next

he laughs a great deal
at that

then he writes in a journal
for a long time without talking
then remembers me

sorry he says
i have to stay organized


when i am
dropping him off at the
hospital he looked at me frankly
thank you for being
so kind and listening
i know you don't believe me

he looked at the single light
shining harshly over the entrance
i'll see if i can
come back for you

look for a sign

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