Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Phone has the Soul of a Poet

I've been letting my phone text for me, by accepting all the words it comes up with for "auto-complete" when I type things.
I see my phone has the soul of a poet. Today it wrote:
Give me just a little more time
to get along with the moment

Because I'm not planning
on going anywhere else



Now Everything is Made out of Box-Tops

I wake up in the morning, and I see everything is made out of box-tops. Reality has this slapped-together-box-top yieldingness. Did I just write that word? Yeildingness. Like everything you can touch and walk on, is made of layers of sandwiched box-tops. Naturally, due to this, everything is slippery and springy. I see that there are some very valuable coupons printed on the firmament of this alternate cosmos. I'm rich! I hope the Universe never converts back to unvarnished molecules and the brutality of naked atomic structures.


Quail Box-Top Meadow
Box-Top Irvine, CA Box-Top

Monday, April 28, 2014

I Dream of a Celestial Realm

I have a dream I'm in a Celestial Realm, everything seems to be made out of crystal. It is a place of palaces, and exquisite gardens: petals seem to be falling from the sky. I'm minding my own business, when a tall beautiful woman, like an angel, bumps into me and I bang my head into her boobs. I get very shy. She laughs because she sees how innocent I can be.


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Doing Errands in My Dream with the Red Bull of Death in the Passenger Seat

I have a dream that Death and I are driving around in my white Land Rover, in Corona Del Mar. In the dream, Death is personified as a small red bull. He sits in the passenger seat, because he is tired and does not want to drive. Death wants to relax and look out the window as I do my errands.

The first place we go is to drop some books off at the new Library. The Newport Beach Main Library is very nice. Everyone likes going there, even to just have a cup of coffee. The sun is shining and you can see Catalina Island.

Later, when I'm done going about my business, I drop Death off at his house. He is very happy that we got to drive around and see things, and we had a nice time together.



Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I wish I had a ON/ OFF switch

Going into a universe without switches and buttons, I miss those. I have a screen activated phone (yeah we all do now) and the phone is constantly ending up in "silent" mode. I wish I had a ON/ OFF SOUND switch on the body of the phone. Then I could set it ON or OFF and know if the phone was going to be audible when I need it to ring, and silent when I want it to be silent. Because right now about 90% of the time it seems to be in "silent" mode no matter what I do.


Friday, April 18, 2014


The patient says that he believes he has had contact with himself in the future, where in some undetermined year, he has discovered the secret to time travel.

Correction: The patient says that he has been given the secret to time traveling.

The patient says that it is not time traveling, it is leveraged quantum movement. Mental?

The patient says we are only able to do this if a future self decides to share this information in any one of the innumerable universes that exist along side with one another.

Every dog has his day.

Patient is constantly taking notes as to what time things are happening, significant things -- to attempt to leave a trail of documentation for his future self to find.

Patient requests that these sessions be documented as much as possible, with as many copies as possible being distributed out in the widest geological area possible.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Poem - Hearing Children Playing

I listen to imaginative children
at play

they quarrel and yell at each other
easily cry

or just as soon change their minds
and are joyful


Adults are exactly the same
but we hold it in


for Jñana

Poem - with a smile forward

with a smile forward
everything comes into the day

people are not strange
because everyone is welcome

nothing seems awkward
or regrettable because it is embraced

as soon as it happens
room is made for it -- no issues

in this way tension
can't coil up or be cold & bright

and anger can't be
luxurious with memories

instead the outcomes
keep getting interrupted

and you're on your toes
going with the flow with a smile


Friday, April 11, 2014

Poem - The Child Who Lives a Life as a Man in a Dream

I dream of Dudjom Rinpoche
who I never met in life
which is interesting

He tells me many things
and I cannot remember them *

But I remember he told me
of a lively story he wrote
"..written by a child who
lives a life of a man in a dream..."

I bowed to him 3 times
and woke up 5 30 AM

for Jñana

* I think he said we make errors in our mind like children at play, as innocent and enthusiastically as this, with no malice

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Poem - when it rains I imagine amataba

when it rains I imagine amataba
crying with a hundred thousand eyes

when the wind blows I imagine amataba
waving with a hundred thousand arms


Friday, April 04, 2014

Poem - death can be the end / of a mighty dream

death can be the end
of a mighty dream
put into a small box

but there from there
who can say for sure
if the dreamer stops

just imagining now
in a different guise
as a drop in a cloud

becomes a snowflake
ghostly vapor
or a single tear


misread from the internet

Poem - he plays the guitar with his feet

for Mark

he plays the guitar with his feet
hammering out a song or strumming a ballad

and later the young girls who are drunk
laugh like it is christmas morning
sophistication forgotten and they dance

their boyfriends
get really pissed at the guy
who can play a guitar with his feet

crescent moon in the sky blues slide guitar
more drunk people enthralled
at his strumming that instrument
just with his toes


end of evening
bags in the car and amp in the back
he's off to santa monica tomorrow
but he might come back
in a month




Thursday, April 03, 2014

Yahoo, Facebook -- You're Nasty and Gross (and Racist!)

It is getting more difficult to live a non-disgusting life online. I guess proposing to the living of any kind of "life" online, I'm primed for the punishment I deserve. But I'm tired of the ambushing, antagonistic themes from the advertising leading portals like Yahoo and Facebook approve.

It might even be inevitable, being outright repulsive was the way things would go for the advertisements clogging the navigation sidebars. If you're going to get something less than a penny per click, you're going to need to do something provocative to make $$$ from millions of eyeballs.

But it would be nice at least to have an experience online that is free of multiple ads that promise to increase my penis length, or to have an affair.

Or have a online life that isn't sprinkled with super-disgusting close up pictures of fruit and nuts that will enhance my libido.

Or have ads that display in a pulsing visual way, gaping seniors with no teeth, dancing trailer-park trash, or people looking suicidal with charts in the background. It starts to feel like I'm participating in a sinister psychological evaluation.

I'm also not interested in keeping up with the news, and this is a double (even triple) challenge -- because advertisers hoping to sell shit online like to combine gross images, with the news, and then twist it with some kind of latent sexual innuendo.

Yahoo, Facebook -- you're nasty. You're gross.

(..and Racist! Yeah! I know the president of the United States is Black and so is the first lady. Thanks for the tea-party hit ads / conspiracy garbage too.)


Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Poem - Hokusai

son of a mirror maker
to a shogun

changed his name
at least 30 times whatever
he was working in

one name new
like a fresh kimono

carved prints of
lakes mountains whores
and actors wind waterfalls
and sex and fires in the snow
mt. Fuji and a sea
that would kill

the outlines
of cranes in autumn

pieces of paper
blown over
to the moon

then back
to the earth



Quail Meadow
Spring 2014