Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Am the One That You Left Behind

I am the one you left behind
I am the one you're not thinking of
People think they know the answers
 Because they come to mind
But I am the one that you left behind

I am the one that is deep inside
A measureless truth beyond all size
Journey more than 10,000 miles,
  I'll still be at your side
For I am the one that you left behind

Living through this world of death and lies
You summon up the strength to meet the tide
But the strength it comes from within
 It comes before your pride
I am the one that you left behind


The Definition of "Hypocrisy"

So I hear someone claim that the definition of "Hypocrisy" literally means "being of two minds" -- and I liked that -- it was enlightening, it was original. Often we misuse words, we don't honor the shades of meaning they can represent. One should understand the meaning of a word, and this person was helping me.

But when I look it up I see "Hypocrisy" comes from Middle English: from Old French "ypocrisie", via ecclesiastical Latin, from Greek "hupokrisis" ‘acting of a theatrical part,’ from "hupokrinesthai" ‘play a part, pretend,’ from hupo ‘under’ + krinein ‘decide, judge.’ Did you get all that?

Then I wonder if the person who made the statement about "Hypocrisy" is an idiot, like nobody would actually check to see if they are right about what they said. Or possibly they have made up the meaning of this word in their head.

It could be they were acting as a hypocrite, fulfilled literally the definition of the word they claimed they were defining in error.

But mostly I was pissed at the fucking nonsense I head people spout off, and it sounds good, but it is stupid and untrue.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Aaron Bur Kills George Washington's Clone

Waking up, I kept thinking about the bizarre situation where a historical institution in the far future has to keep euthanizing the clone of Arron Bur, when Aaron Bur kills George Washington's clone. Because for some reason, the clone of Arron Bur does not get along with the the clone of George Washington.

I thought about this for about an hour, I think.


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Poem - i'm starting to avert my eyes / i never did that before

i'm starting to avert my eyes
i never did that before

up till now
i'd look at anything
with the idea i could take it

i'd look at anything
with the concept if it seemed wrong
i could fix it or i could conquer it

everything i let in i imagined somehow
i could get to the point
where i could control whatever it was
in my mind

but now i have a feeling
not to turn away
always be there to help

but i don't need to lock it up
in my head with my eyes


Monday, November 03, 2014

Poem - past even memory

      for R, V, J, S, M, etc.

it seems to be a lot of trouble to remember
how this imaginary me got hurt

and what this phantom wanted
or how this dream was going to be satiated

i saw flowers and ladders and tears
i tried to hold onto people

now here i am looking at a white wall
on a bright day in november

all those fellow talkers grabbers
wigglers and strives are off somewhere else

it is amazing how impermanent
struggle and suffering with others are

because one moment they're here forever
next moment they were never here at all

i've decided all you can do is be kind
and not hope at all

filling in holes other people
dug into the ground

or climbing higher not staying
at any summit of any desire

if you are reading this and you
are higher up on the path

i did anything for you once
that was kind

i forget the right way to go
or confuse down with up

a light or make a loud yell
even make me think you're god



anything to get me to want
to keep going past the summit
of whatever i think

we were all born
to climb

past even memory