Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Poem - if i keep praying for you

i followed the instructions
i prayed with you in mind
until my head fell off

i prayed for your well-being
i wished you peace of mind and security
i honestly wished you happiness
i said give you safety
and not only for you

but for your parents
and family

new lovers
and jobs you might take

i prayed and prayed and prayed
for months and months
until i forgot to keep doing it

now i remembered
and i started again

because i hated you
all over again

but this time i knew right away
how i live is a horrible self pity
and i'll never get out of it

but if i keep praying for you and others
i just might be redeemable

i'll hate you
and love you

so here is to
forgetting through prayers


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