Thursday, September 17, 2015

Poem - the opposite of faith / is not fear

the opposite for faith
is not fear

it is faithlessness
and we do not have it

cast into a human shape
the form is faith

you can heave great doubt
or fear and still have faith

in fact there is a thing
called 'holy doubt'

it prods me to know
my faith

to discard superstitious
or magical thinking

to find the higher power
as i evolve

because as i revolutionize
the higher power does too

and i must keep re-
finding it

any static god
is not god

i follow what has
barely been touched
by books

i have found it
through action

it is experienced
right now absolutely

beyond suffering

and aware



Ana C. said...

Hello! I'm a brazilian poetess, I loved your poems. Congratulations!

CM said...

Ana -- you are very kind to post a comment here. The work is the most important thing and poetry can save the world, one poem at a time, so keep at it!