Tuesday, July 19, 2016

i do not know where i am
each mid day is 1000 years long

this span we call a day
the start and end of it are the same darkness

each time
i begin aware of time running in

i end the day sensing time trailing out
like a tide

surrounded by people
doing the exact same thing

exactly at the same time
every single day

even the music is the same
songs play at the same time

why do they say one day
is separate from the other

how do they think they know
where they are

they place themselves some place

that place advancing somehow

i see no evidence of anything

i see the same thing each day
like echos from a hand that clapped

i do not know where i am


1 comment:

Deborah Carmichael said...

The long days will end as we cycle through this bend in time.