Thursday, January 09, 2014

Writing -- Nearly Identical

I envy my neighbors car, and therefore I hate my neighbor even more so.

He has a Aston Martin, Vanquish Volante -- he just bought it yesterday.

I know he watches what I buy, and he timed it to be right after I brought home my new McLaren 12C.

At 5.30 AM today, after some deliberation, I decided to take a dump on the windshield of the Aston Martin.

Outside it was cold, and foggy.

I got gingerly up onto the hood, and dropped my pants -- and while I was not worried about getting caught, my neighbor came out on the driveway.

"Hi." I heard my voice say calmly.

"Ok." was all he said.

He jumped onto the hood of my McLaren and copied me.

We shit at the same time.

We didn't say anything else as we both closed the front doors to our houses -- each with a near-identical view of a misty pre-dawn ocean.


After thinking about it -- I know one thing for certain: We all act like we know what is going to happen next, we act like we certainly know what the possibilities are.

But we have no idea what will happen next, whatsoever.

For all of it.


Southern California
Winter 2014

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