Monday, June 23, 2014

Poem - Waking the Innocent

i'm a stranger in my own life
the moon has burned down
 not the barn
and the barn is brighter

i'm a beggar cleaning cases barefoot
 apologizing to the saints
with sawdust falling on precious stupa maseratis
monuments covered in gems 

i'm a fool who wants to get lucky
an idiot who marches up and down the hills
 believing fit people
must have more faith

i'm the one praying at night or early in the morning
before dawn praying my heart out but finding 
 i just wake the innocent
from great dreams


but no trouble at all 
the moon comes back from nothing
 all the time 
over stalwart barns stuffed with treasure
never-mind what burns


Santa Cruz / Huntington Beach
Two Days after the first day of Summer 2014

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