Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Dream of Laser Vsion

I had a dream where I had laser vision. At will, I could shoot red hot beams from my eyes and wield almost anything together, instantly.

I found this ability to be incredibly useful, and I enjoyed offering to help people with it. I never though just how great it is to have the ability to fuse metal with your eyes. I was all over the town, being of service -- fixing cracked lamp-posts, unlocking broken doors, rescuing trapped motorists, thwarting crimes, or opening jammed time-lock safes.

But then in the dream I decided to live a life of crime, because of my super-power, and I ended up stealing large public sculptures. When I became a villain, I also gained super strength, and I met this pretty girl who had super strength too.

We joined forces and ravaged the city, both of us ridiculously strong & in love, with my melting vision, and no one could stop us.



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