Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Poem - just out of sight

i wait for it to start raining
i write an email to someone

always something new to learn or do
every single day in this place

i heard an old man say this arising
it is like watching an airplane

some get farther and farther away
while some appear closer and closer

if you can't see the flight
it does not mean it is gone

like a ghost
it is just out of sight


Robert Holbrook Smith

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Poem - i make friends with crows

i make friends with crows
people say they are the bird of death
but we get along just fine

in the sunshine over snacks
they tell me jokes about the sky
i tell them jokes about what i think


Poem - getting ever higher and brighter and happier and faster and higher

i had everything and then my life started being destroyed by my success
but because it looked so good from the outside no one felt anything
as i began to crack my co-workers feigned indifference
and my opponents celebrated with a party

so i celebrated as well to outdo them
insane through laughing and the debts and highs
getting ever higher and brighter and happier and faster and higher
and we all were laughing and partying and excelling and being the 1%

i blacked out
i woke up in a graveyard

i broke the fixtures
in a hotel in las vegas

i drove a bently
into a river

my ca house
burned down


2 boxes



not understanding what i am seeing over the top of a wall
it could be palm trees but i don't know in what town
i am this and i don't know where i am
i have this coat and paper

they stole from me down there
took a book and a switchblade and note pad and pens
besides the oil stained creator by the dumpster on the corner
i have always been here i will always be here hello they stole from me



Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Poem - i heard about how you cry at night when you go to sleep

i heard about how you cry at night when you go to sleep
how it all catches up there in the dark

it amazes how lonely we all can feel when there are people
all around us who love and want to be loved
we deny them

i do not understand fully nor will i ever know
the inside of a sun or the tide of a new world
or even you

i am handed what i have to make more from nothing
and when i act in faith and courage
everything changed

to be human is to pine of impossible things at times
a preferred moment to never end

or an earthly love
be forever



Dream of Laser Vsion

I had a dream where I had laser vision. At will, I could shoot red hot beams from my eyes and wield almost anything together, instantly.

I found this ability to be incredibly useful, and I enjoyed offering to help people with it. I never though just how great it is to have the ability to fuse metal with your eyes. I was all over the town, being of service -- fixing cracked lamp-posts, unlocking broken doors, rescuing trapped motorists, thwarting crimes, or opening jammed time-lock safes.

But then in the dream I decided to live a life of crime, because of my super-power, and I ended up stealing large public sculptures. When I became a villain, I also gained super strength, and I met this pretty girl who had super strength too.

We joined forces and ravaged the city, both of us ridiculously strong & in love, with my melting vision, and no one could stop us.