Monday, March 10, 2014

Poem - that money or fame / can't get


two boys from new york
in many ways just two ordinary boys

we became superstars
i was destined to be the 'lesser' of the pair

i knew it was going to happen
we talked about it  - thems are the breaks

we were on our way up
whoever was more famous who cared

two kids who saw the same garbage
the same old leaves the same cabs and snow

two guys who made out
with the same kind of girls from a café
or from a coldwater pad

friends envious
bullies too

lemony sky the limit
just like a lemon


but later i hated you
how far you had gone

you have a look in your eye
like you know god better than i

and i know a little less
of who goes about as god now

then fuck you saw me
and you knew


we stood aside out of the glaring lights
separated from the shoving screaming fans

you looked at me enviously
in my oily sweater

my freedom of

than money or fame
can't get


we parted
i walked

you can't

home is


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