Monday, October 20, 2014

Poem - it is hard to remember anyways

if I feel wounded
i have everything
to do with feeling hurt

i arrived to the point
where the pain was beyond
anything you could say or do

with actions or words
you don't bother to remember
living in fragments

if you make a comment
and someone is happy or sad
well there you go that is life

possibly someone is angry
and they think ill of you
it is all just the same

you don't worry
it is hard to remember anyways

this sunk in
and i felt bad at being hurt
and i began to show you charity

by treating everyone
with respect with gentleness
and not asking so much from them

seeing what i can do
for them first and me second
then cruel thoughts have gone away

my suffering i laughed
it is hard to remember anyways


For R

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