Friday, October 10, 2014

Poem - will sail on in my mind & be everywhere

me realizing i'll never be like others and
then i remember for some reason

my roommate bobby
was cool and he stole one
of my books and he listened to
'the velvet underground' all the time
with his good looking girlfriend anita

i can still see him and anita curled up
together on the couch drinking beer
reading these poems of r manley
in the first edition bobby asked
if he could peruse through

people come into my life
and then go and i see now that
when i thought someone was staying
they were already gone and when i knew
they were gone they were just showing up

so someday i might see bobby again with or
without the book i loaned him and i hope
i find out what happened to pretty anita
i do know that bobby will be cool
a bit sad now and heroic

and i'll never be cool like this
will sail on in my mind & be everywhere


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